when is the time do you become selfish?....

April 1, 2010 6:58am CST
giving is sharing... we share something to someone so that we could get benefits from them too... just like sharing your sandwich from your friend so that you two could both enjoy it... Sharing your knowledge to a person or a trainee in order for that person to be involved at the workplace and perform well... but when is the time for you to become selfish?... I honestly become selfish for there are some people who will take advantage of you, that they will not do their part and they will just depend on you. That thing happens in school when doing a group activity. In some aspect, being selfish is also a great thing... like when i was looking for a work... my friend told me how did I had a job on that company... I really don't give him the details, I just give him some pointers so that he could work on his own. Being selfish doesn't mean that you are not that generous at all, it is just that sharing something to someone must be accepted and in a timely manner...
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@Hatley (163781)
• Garden Grove, California
1 Apr 10
hi brynnerson Yes I guess giving is sharing, and I am not one for giving just to expect something in return, as thats more like using the other person. sharing should come from the heart,not out of ulterior motives. we complain sometimes that we help someone and they start to just depend on you, but we seldom realize that we often do the same thing when someone helps us too. there is a time to say that is all I can do for you, the rest is up to you. thats not unkind thats just pure logic.
@saanjh (784)
• India
1 Apr 10
I became selfish when nobody think's about me I'm staying far away from my home, I never became selfish with my family I'm talking about my friend I became selfish when they don't think about me.
@saphrina (31552)
• South Africa
1 Apr 10
Sometimes we have to be selfish in life. No matter where or with what. We cannot always give and oblige. There will be nothing left of you, if you keep on giving. TATA.