Milk tea leads to Gastric Problem...?

@siliguri (4225)
April 5, 2010 4:51am CST
Yeah! sometimes it creates a serious gastric problem in my stomach..and i have no other options except to consult doctors...and now seldom takes milk tea... Usually i drink red tea..having no milk on it..which is very tasteful and create no hazard into the stomach... Do u face this problem..when u have a takes milk tea..?
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@mansoak (510)
• India
10 Apr 10
I f you have tea with milk or without milk with empty stomach it will cause gastric problem . Yes sometimes we do get gastric problems with milk tea. I never drink tea empty stomach because many a times i had gastric problems.
• Italy
8 Apr 10
I have got gastric problems with many foods! I don't drink tea and even milk, togheter could kill me!! But tea with milk is really fabulous!
@anurag3786 (6274)
• India
5 Apr 10
I always prefer milk tea.. but as you say it leads gastric problem.. so i don't know this things before.. so now i am very very careful about this.. have a nice day and keep mylotting always..
@johnpillai (2082)
• Germany
5 Apr 10
Once I had gastric problem. The doctor adviced me to drink milk. So I drank milk. That helped me a lot. Now I drink milk tea. Whenever I drink tea without milk in the mornings I feel like having gastric problem again. Milk tea helps me a lot in the mornings. We have very different experience. What a fun!
• India
5 Apr 10
sorry to hear this my friend, now a days many take red tea, lemon and black salt added, it has good taste, i take in train during journey if milk tea is not available.. but i always take milk tea, home made with almost pure milk, cinamon added for flavor.. i never had any problem in 60 years.. Thanks for this nice post, cheers Happy easter Prof
@elmiko (6639)
• United States
5 Apr 10
i've never heard of milk tea. lol, that sounds like a concoction to give someone gastric problems. it doesn't sound like the taste would be appealing either.
@myfb2009 (8296)
• Malaysia
5 Apr 10
As for me, if i am taking more than 2 cups of milk tea in a day, i will be having gastric problem. But, if i am only taking a cup or two, then i don't feel any gastric problem. I got to know from my mother that, if we got gastric problem, it's better not to drink tea in the morning. It's also better not to drink tea after dinner, since it will cause sleepless in the night. So, i always take this advice when i want to enjoy my milk tea.