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@Trykro (241)
April 7, 2010 3:40pm CST
Launching your own internet business can be an easy way to make some extra money working from home, but it also involve some risks - loosing some money(sometimes hard worked money) if you don't do the things right. I have my own internet online business for almost three and a half year and I've started from zero(yes 0$ = no budget) everything I gained was gather on the internet using the tools that it provided to us for free. So here is the way I've done it - it's going to be a little bit longer post, but I'll show you step by step as short as I can the way I've done it. ## I've started using PTC and PTR sites and I've earned some small amounts of money ## next step was promoting my referral links through some traffic exchanges to increase the amount of money I was cashing out from the PTC and PTR sites I was member of. ## When i reached about 20$ in my Paypal account, I've buy two domains and I also joined some affiliate marketing sites(Clickbank, Paydotcom, Affiliatebot). I've made two sites and uploaded them to my domains and start to promote my affiliate links using my own sites. ## Meantime I've joined Adsense and Kontera and put some of their adverts on my site to gain more money - I now have two domains with full working and also monetized sites which I promote and on which I promote my own affiliate links. So, now I have my own sites(I also have a blog where I promote my own sites :)) but it's on blogspot, so I don't own it ) and I'm making some money on the net(it's not much, but it's enough to pay my domain renewal, my hosting, some adverts and to put some money in my pocket). I'm still using PTC, PTR and some Traffic Exchanges and still make money with them. So, as you can see, you can have your own small internet business which can bring you some money to your budget. As I said before, this are small amounts of money, but I'm working only about three hours/day on my net business and I've started it with no money, so it's a good business as I'm in profit. So, let's review the steps I've done: = Joined some PTC and PTR sites and make some free money = promote my referral link to increase my income = by a domain(.info it's about 0.99$ at Godaddy) = made a site for my domain = joined some affiliate marketing sites and promote their links = promote my own sites = joined Adsense and Kontera to monetize my site = and that's it - if you work daily to this you'll receive money from: 1. PTC and PTR sites + same from your referral 2. Affiliate marketing through promoting and selling their products 3. From the ads placed on your site by Adsense and Kontera(in my case) And if you think you can't handle your sites you can also make money from them either by parking them or by selling them. That was all - so now you can see one way to make your business online. And another thing - I(and you MyLotters friends) must thanks a lot to a Friend I've got here on MyLot who made me wrote this long article "Workingmom50". Thank you Workingmom.
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@pierone (1895)
• Italy
8 Apr 10
Seems you done a great job. Wish you the best success for your sites. Btw, what hosting are you using for your sites? And why you don't publish your sites banners in your profile? See you around.
@Trykro (241)
• Romania
8 Apr 10
Thanks for your answer and for your wishes to success too. As for answering your question - one of my sites is published as my site in my profile and is also my first banner(for the others please PM me as I'm not aloud to promote my own site s here and I'll give you the links) and about the hosting - I'm using the free hosting of Yosro and Godaddy, free because I'm packing and saving all my info to move for the next six month(up to 1 year to BlueVoda) and after that period I think I'll be able to have my own server(not for commercial use, just to host my own sites). Thanks again for your response in this discussion and Good Luck to you too.
@ifa225 (11093)
• Indonesia
7 Apr 10
that is a great steps, You can make your business growing if you don't give up.