What is taught in schools nowadays is a waste of students's time ?

April 10, 2010 11:58pm CST
This morning ,I taked part in an english exam .When I come into contact with this topic I don't know how to write it well .So I want to know your ideas about this topic . Thank you !~.~
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@bobmnu (8160)
• United States
16 Apr 10
There is an old saying that someone can come and take you house, your possessions but they can't take what you have learned. The more you learn to think and reason the better person you will be. In America we have many game shows that test how much you know. You may be very good at them but not have any skills to survive. Learn to think for your self and how to research something so that you can find things out for yourself and not be dependent on others to tell you what to think.
17 Apr 10
Thank you !I will remember your guidance and try to do it !! You are a good teacher !!
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14 Apr 10
Thank you for this discussion... I think that education is important when it gives people both the range of what is out there to learn in the world (liberal arts education its called out here) and for job specific education to learn a trade. It is not a waste of time, though it is often frustrating when people wonder why they learn to multiply by fractions but it is a way that you can learn new ways to think and new ways to appreciate the world.