In this moment you have many debts? To friends, to banks to your parents ....?

April 13, 2010 3:39am CST
I did not like debt, always try to spend just as much as I can afford, without me borrow money, I hate to ask for money lent,! I don t have debts to banks, simply because I hate to give them extra money, as interest, and all the time, I liked, and tried to raise money before, and then buy a house or a car or something that would need a loan to bank. I read that now a lot of people began to lose their homes because they could not pay their rates to the bank, to remain in the street after me is the terrible thing for anyone, except death. I never ask for money to friends or family, but i do not give too, I only have one good friend, which helped me a life, which gives me money when I need, and i give it when he needs money. It is a mutual understanding between me and my friend, I am her bank, and she is my bank. Nobody knows, is a payment that i can always ask her, and she at me. So right now I don t have debt to no one, not the banks, maybe some taxes, i can pay by the end of the year. Do you have debt? Where?To bank to friends, to relatives?
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@hvedra (1619)
13 Apr 10
We only have the mortgage, car payments and a credit card which we are gradually paying down. I don't like having debts but especially not he credit card but we hope to have that paid by the end of the year. We don't owe anything to relatives or friends who wouldn't have the money to lend us anyway!
• Romania
14 Apr 10
Hi, so you don t like to have debts too, i try how much i can don t borrow money because is very hard to return.
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@mensab (4201)
• Philippines
13 Apr 10
yes, i have made loans against my pension. that's the biggest debt i have now. i did that to invest the money in good business. i think i will be able to pay off in two year's time. well, i used to go to my friends for small amount because they do not charge interest. but fir a huge amount, i go to banks or financial institutions for the amount of money i need. next year, i will take a loan for first house. i will go to a financial institution to provide me the cash.
• Romania
13 Apr 10
Hi, maybe in your country is less interest from banks, here, pay 3,4 times the money I have borrowed from banks that scared me ... at least this crises time ..
@Porcospino (31393)
• Denmark
15 Apr 10
I don't like to borrow money and I only spend the money that I can afford. I prefer to wait if I haven't got enough money, that way I am able to save up money to buy the things that I want instead of borrowing money. My husband has debt. Before we met he borrowed some money that he wanted to invest. Unfortuneately it went wrong and he lost a lot of money. Now he is struggling to pay back that money, it isn't easy because we don't have a lot of extra money in our daily life. I look forward to the day when we manage to get rid of his debt.
• United States
24 Jul 10
Well, I have a mortgage that I work really hard to pay on time. There have been times where I had to pay another bill late just so I can pay this one on time. I would hate to lose my house so late in the game. I do not have any other debts except for this and I am really happy about it. I have only borrowed money from a friend a couple of times, but that was because my husband and I had to. I wish we did not have to, but if we did not pay our power bill we would have froze for a few weeks during the winter. I am trying to make extra money on here between now and Christmas so I can get a few things for my husband.