April 15, 2010 11:58am CST
In one relationship there are 2 kind of relation that we have to follow so that your relationship is work. the first one is giving respect to each other. the second one is honesty, this are the main important policy if you enter in one relationship. if you must follow this policy of relationship you have a successful relationship.
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@cip116 (1011)
• Romania
2 May 10
For me matters confidence and common sense but if man is not cheerful...unfortunately I can not understand with that man
• India
30 Apr 10
Welcome to mylot In a relationship honesty and mutual trust is most important, if they lack every thing is gone.... other things are secondary.. Thanks, God bless you. cheers Happy posting. Prof
@piya84 (2590)
• India
22 Apr 10
umm well i agree with you.But oyu know its a two way journey.Other person should be Respectable also.I dont think so i can respect a guy who is not tidy and clean.I wont go for such a man at first place. Honesty yes i agree.If both people are upfront about everything then relationships do work smoothly.Once you start doubting other person there start a downward spiral.