Elderly or children? With who you like to talk and listen more?

April 20, 2010 5:51am CST
You catch more innocent and unexpected from a conversation with a child, or wisdom and serenity from a conversation with a elderly person? In fact there are some who say that some elders are Big kids, white haired and with a lot of life experience. Patience to listen and understand children and the elderly? Sure you were a child too, old course that you will be ..... but you have patience and understand and support kids and old people?
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@opalina143 (1240)
• Morristown, New Jersey
20 Apr 10
I like being around kids sometimes, because they're so carefree. But I also like being around the elderly, because they have so many interesting stories to tell. It's true, you need a great deal of patience to be with either. I think a lot of people don't take the time to talk to elderly people, even their own relatives. That's really sad, because elderly people have so much to teach us. I talked to my grandma every day.
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@Porcospino (31393)
• Denmark
20 Apr 10
I have worked in kindergardens as well as nursing homes and I like both kinds of jobs a lot. I loved to spend time with the children, listen to them, play with them, teach them new them things and all the other things that we did. In one of the kindergardens where I worked there were a lot of children from other countries and it was interesting and challenging to help them learn the Dansih language. I often miss the children and I miss working in a kindergarden I also enjoyed working in a nursing home, and I found it really interesting to listen to residents stories and their experiences. I learned a lot that way, I will always remember the people I met and the time that I spent there. I miss that kind of job as well. I also like to spend time with the elderly people in my own family, and I enjoy listening to their stories.
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• Canada
21 Apr 10
I am not a real motherly person, and only really enjoy the company of children for small periods of time. I am, however, fascinated by the stories and experiences of people much older than I am, and I have a lot of older friends. Even as a child, I got along better with adults, than I did with people my own age, or younger.