Finding Inspiration

April 21, 2010 6:15am CST
If you are anything like me you will be more or less cooking the same menu, week in, week out for your family. So when you feel like trying something different where do you go for inspiration and new ideas?
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@nangisha (3496)
• Indonesia
22 Apr 10
If I feel bored with the menu. I will open a cook book and find something seem delicious and try to make it. Looking in the internet also a good idea. I usually look at woman magazine site, they usually have delicious and simple recipe, usually already tested in their kitchen so it failed proof.
@mac_fish (723)
• China
21 Apr 10
Hi,beautyfactor Well,it should be an interesting thing to arise some cool idea on dishes u are gonna to prepare for ur entire family, maybe irritating right? The way to hit the mark........Everyone gets individual way to find the clude to inspration on cooking,I wanna learn here,I'm all ears.
@tutul0045 (2630)
• India
21 Apr 10
Hey u, Hmm.. i dont know to cook many things. I can boil egg and make tea or coffee Well cooking inspiration has lot to do with u going out and eating new things in hotels and restaurants etc. When u eat something good outside there is every chance u may like to cook it yr-self too. Also u can always try the cooking shows in TV or even youtube. And i c so many recipie in the magazines meant for ladies :) Cheers, Tutul
21 Apr 10
I sometimes get inspiration from cooking shows on television, even something as simple as a new spin on an old recipe can help.
• Philippines
21 Apr 10
I like to cook food and who ever gives me inspiration to improve my craft is my hubby because he is also a good cook just like his chef dad. We do get to exchange recipes because most of his dishes are obviously to his own country, while mine was from my roots also. I started to cook at the age of 12 when my teacher in Elementary had joined me to compete for a cooking competition. Although when I was in College, I never had in mind to take culinary art or something about cooking but I was hooked on Computers. But anyway to get back to the topic, new ideas I get into were mainly contributed by my hubby. Their way of cooking is different and way difficult to master unlike the usual dishes I cook in my country. My mother in law does the cooking at her home but my father in law only cooks for special occasions and when there are visitors in their place. Although I can say that their taste buds also differs from mine because most of my Western dishes they do are ignorant of tasting specially my pasta. I understand, they don't eat beef much even if they are from the christian state in India. Anyway, no cooking war in friction there, in my home I am the queen of my kitchen even if hubby gives me a helping hand, we don't use the spatula for fencing .
• United States
21 Apr 10
I usually hit up the library. There I go through their cook books and choose one out of my comfort zone or any which one that I take a fancy to. This way I can try new things with out having to spend the money on a book I do not know If I will like or not.