Would you want to be a housewife?

April 27, 2010 9:28am CST
For me it's a big YES I want to show my husband that i can do everything for him and that he made the right choice in marrying me. And i can guide my kids while they grow up. Being a full time wife and mother is a very rewarding job. I can give all my time to my family and focus on their needs. So, if you want to choose would you be a full time housewife or a career woman?
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@jewels49 (1783)
• United States
27 Apr 10
Because of the work my husband does, we made the decision over 20 years ago, that I would be a stay at home mom. I do not in anyway regret that decision..well maybe the time the boys tried to build a tadpole farm in my washer..it would have been nice for someone else to deal with that!! The reason I don't have any regrets is because I did not do everything for everyone. I kept some time for myself and insisted that everyone respect both my time and my interests. I applaud your enthusiasm and and I don't think you will ever hear your kids say they regret you being there for them...mine have thanked me for it..but a word of caution, remember to focus on you as well, feed your soul, and have fun. That way you won't end up being one of the many stay at home moms feeling bad because you don't feel appreciated. There are going to be times you feel taken for granted, turn that around with the knowledge that it is proof they trust you and count on you to be there..but make sure you let them know that you are a more than just someone who knows where they left their catchers glove.
@benny128 (3621)
27 Apr 10
well have you spoken to your husband though as he might want to be a house husband and not miss a minute of his kids growing up. I am single dad to 3 kids and have always been there at home for them, it doesn't have to be the woman that stays at home. I think a good solution so neither partner misses out on anything is both partners to work part time thus creating one full time income.
• Indonesia
27 Apr 10
I'm not a woman, neither a wife, I'm just a husband who really proud of my wife, and I want give a big thumb for my wife who has wilingly give full attention for her family. Honestly, if I must changes place with her, I don't think I can do everything like what she has done to her family. Not many of woman have a brave to be a housewife nowadays, because it is needs more than skills, a honest heart. That's what makes me so respect to all housewifes in this world, especially My Mother and also My wife. So if I'm a woman and I have to choose whether I should be a housewife or a career woman, you've already now the answer.
• Philippines
27 Apr 10
I want to be a houseband. haha
@nixxi76 (3192)
• Canada
27 Apr 10
I guess for me I would rather be a career woman. I can't stay home all the time just working around the house although I have a routine I do here at home anyhow. I need to work to be around other people and have somewhat of life. I'm not saying that the choice of being a housewife is not good and that's great if you are because everyone has their own choices and opinions about it. These days I can't see how it's possible for one person of the household can afford to stay home and not work. I know I can't. Have a nice day