A beautiful Japanese garden

@Porcospino (28234)
May 3, 2010 11:17am CST
Yesterday I visited a Japanese garden close to my home. I hadn't been there before and it was a nice experience to walk around in the garden. It was beautiful and very peaceful. There were lots of water, bridges, statues and many other things, the garden was divided into different parts, and I especially liked the meditation garden. I was there during the day, and next time I would like to visit the garden at night when there are lots of candles everywhere. I think it must be very beautiful Do you like to visit tourist attractions in your own country or in other countries? What was the last tourist attraction that you visited? Did you like it or did you get disappointed?
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@nangisha (3503)
• Indonesia
3 May 10
I see few picture of Japanese Garden its very beautiful. I want to make one in my house when I can have one, because I still stay in family. They have unique pattern and shape. The last attraction I see is Lantern fantasy, its very beautiful when see so many beautiful lantern. I life new year fire works too.
@Porcospino (28234)
• Denmark
4 May 10
I haven't heard about Lantern festival before, but it sounds like a very beautiful experience. Next time I visit the Japanese garden I would like go there in the evening when there are lots of candles everywhere, I am sure that is also a very beautiful sight.
@maximax8 (30126)
• United Kingdom
6 May 10
I liked reading about your trip to the Japanese garden. I would enjoy visiting such a peaceful and pretty place. I visit Glastonbury sometimes and it has a special garden with a famous well in it. I adore walking up the Tor which is a large hill. From the top I can see all the lovely countryside. I enjoy going to the abbey to see its remains. I like to window shop and make a purchase in one of the many crystal shops. That last tourist attraction I visited was a Victorian Pier. From it I enjoyed seeing glorious sea views. I prefer to travel overseas that in my own country. I love to visit historical sites and in Central America I climbed Mayan ruins.
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