Will you postpone your marriage?

@braiym3 (135)
May 8, 2010 1:05pm CST
If you and your boyfriend decided to get married but during your wedding preparation, your mom suddenly becomes sick and found out that she has a Cancer. Because of this, she needs you and your company benefits to help with the expenses. If this is the case, would you rather choose to postpone your wedding?
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• United States
10 May 10
I would have to find a way to do both. I couldn't bear the thought of my mother not being around for the wedding. I would rather have a small wedding and postpone the honeymoon. As an adult I have to be realistic and face the fact that mother might not be around forever so I would rather have a small ceremony than plan a wedding and she not be there. www.boysbagsandshoes.com
@braiym3 (135)
• Philippines
15 May 10
Thanks for your opinion. But what if you are not sure if your mom wants you to get married? Would you rather ask her?
@Porcospino (27907)
• Denmark
17 May 10
Instead of postponing the wedding I would prefer to have a small party and postpone the honeymoon. If my mother has cancer I would be afraid of postponing the wedding, because if I wait too long she might not be able to be at the party. That would make me very sad, so I think it is better to go through with the wedding and just have a small celebration. If my mother needs the money that I have saved up for the wedding in order to pay for her treatment and medicine, I would definately give her the money instead of having a big party or going on an expensive honeymoon. She has done a lot for me and if she is in a situation where she needs my help, I would do whatever I could to help her.
@ruperto (1552)
• Philippines
10 May 10
i think it's a great opportunity to show what's inside of our self. What would you do?