how to cope with loneliness?

May 24, 2010 12:54pm CST
We do experience loneliness from time to time in our lives. Sometimes people tend to go into extreme actions like suicide if they don't know how to cope with their loneliness. It hurts and it is sad but that's reality. I understand because I too experience that. Before I have the tendencies to go into depression. Sometimes it is tiring. But then I have to cope with this sickness so I need to find some solutions for myself. How do I deal with it when it attacks me. First I change my way of thinking and my feelings will follow. Sometimes I go out and seek my friends companion. But if friends were not available, I indulge myself into going to malls. If I don't have money to pamper myself I go to church and pray. Prayers do help. and I think to myself that I'm luckier than other people do. What about you, how do you cope with your loneliness? Tell us how, you can help someone too by sharing your ideas and experiences. Thank you.
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@ifa225 (14402)
• Indonesia
25 May 10
for me loneliness is part of my feelings that make my life grows. i just let the loneliness cope and enjoy it. i used to stay in my room, locked it, then cry even i do not know what makes me cry. just try to get rid the loneliness and usually cry help me to cope with it.
• Philippines
24 May 10
I also experienced the same thing. I felt so lonely before but I read on an article that we are never alone, God is always with us. So like what you did, I also pray when I feel lonely. Talking to God makes me feel a lot better. ^^
• Philippines
24 May 10
Well, you can cure loneliness by giving him company. But the first step is always to induce a lot of self-confidence within him. It's something he'll need to get up from loneliness and depression. :)
@maura21 (51)
24 May 10
tv is my friend