How come some people don't bother of another life?

May 28, 2010 9:12pm CST
I was going through some videos online when I came across this video with commets such as, "OMG!" and "They're crazy!". Curious, I played it and this is how the video went. Two boys (I believe they are in their teens) had this dog. One was holding the chain that was attached to the dog's colar and the other one proceeded to pour something over the dog. At first I thought the person was playing and pouring some sort of juice. But, the next scene in the video made me sick. The person holding the chain lit up a match and threw it at the dog. As a result, the dog lit up on fire and I could hear it's whines and howls as it thrashed on the ground. I was shocked and stunned and couldn't move for about a few seconds. It made me wonder how they had the heart to do that sort of thing (if they had any heart at all). People like them, I wonder if they had any sort of conscience before hurting a life, any life at all. What are your thoughts?
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• Mexico
29 May 10
Hi Kikotay: I'd be shocked if I watch something like that. It's just insane, how people can perform these kind of acts just for "pleasure"? I mean it's obvious that these persons love to display violence and animals are their victims. It's too sick for me. These guys should be punished for doing that to an animal. Thanks for your answer. Have a nice day. ALVARO.
• Malaysia
30 May 10
I hope that one day they would see how cruel they had been. And yes, in certain ways, I believe they will be punished in the future.