Answersland change the rules

June 11, 2010 3:27am CST
Just to let all you answersland memeber know that the site has now stopped paying for every answer posted and only pay out if yours is the best answer chosen. It would have been nice for the admin to let us know with an announcement or email, but no, they didn't bother. So now with mo referral earnings to be made or pay per answer I don't think this site is worth the effort anymore. Do you?
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@picbug (39)
• Malaysia
12 Jun 10
I think that site is not sincere enough to share their profit with the people who support them... just another web income gimmick. To Mylot.. please don't do that kind of thing..
@Porcospino (31393)
• Denmark
11 Jun 10
I am a member of Answersland, but I have never been very active on that site. I signed up a while ago and I wrote a few posts, but I haven't been there for a while. I don't intend to return to the site now, because I think that it will be very hard to earn anything, if we only get a paid for the best answer. It will take a long, long time to reach $5, and it will be hard to know how much we will earn per day or pay week. We don't know if we will get the best answer or not and we don't even know if the person who started the discussion is going to select the best answer.
@dloveli (4366)
• United States
11 Jun 10
No wonder why my amount hasnt changed. Im not going to do it anymore! I dont even really care about the money. It will take a while at a penny a response to get anywhere. I dont like how they didnt tell us as soon as you log on or something. I can tell you that I have been on at least once daily and NO ONE mentioned anything. Thanks for letting me know. We always have MyLot. "Old Faithful" dl
@slovenc1 (2089)
• Slovenia
11 Jun 10
I joined a few days ago but read that they pay only for best answers so i didn't participate because of all the 400+ comments here at mylot only 4 people bothered to give me best response even tho i do i did write many good comments. So how much best answers would one get? Not a lot i guess so i quit answerland. But thanks for sharing rules with others that might be deciding if they want to join or not. Have a day
@topffer (42228)
• France
11 Jun 10
The rules were changed three times without any warning in less than a month. After the first change I noticed (Best answers lowered to $0.03) the FAQ was modified and two lines were added at the end : "We reserve the right to modify provisions and conditions from time to time without prior notification so please visit this page regularly." The TOS are saying "Answers Land may modify this Agreement from time to time and such modification shall be effective upon posting by Answers Land employee on the Website. You agree to be bound to any changes to this Agreement when you use the Service after any such modification is posted." To sum up, when the FAQ is modified, users are supposed to know it... The new system, rewarding only a best answer, can't work if there is no time limit fixed to close a question. Many members have been banned or are gone, and their questions will never be closed. The admin said in the forum to a member, that he did not want to give himself best answers for these questions, but, in the other side, he removes sometimes rewards for BA, because, says the FAQ, "The chosen best answer was selected in a very doubtful manner!" If the rules are not modified soon and come back to a pay per post, this site will probably disappear and is no more interesting today : last month, some members were able to cash out in a week. With the new rules, there is approximately a cash out per week... Just my own view.