Today is my youngest daughter's Birthday! She is three years old today!!

@cream97 (29151)
United States
June 14, 2010 8:07pm CST
My little sweetie's Birthday is today! I took a few pictures of her. She enjoyed it. Her brother and sister also took a picture together today too. I did not have her a party. But I plan to get a cake this week. My husband's Birthday is Friday. And my father-in-law's birthday is Thursday. All in the same week! I am very thankful that my little girl is here with me and her family on this very special day. I am also glad that I am here with her too. Today is a very special day, I knew it from the moment that I woke up this morning. I kissed my daughter and told her Happy Birthday. She smiled and she was very delighted. I love her so much. We have lots of fun together playing, and me tickling her. She can throw her tantrums when she wants to, but overall, she is my little angel.
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@mspitot (3828)
• Philippines
15 Jun 10
happy birthday to your daughter...she must be very happy today..
@yspmyl (3436)
• Malaysia
15 Jun 10
Hi! Wow! Congrate and happy birthday to you sweetie, my son birthday is coming soon next month...will make a birthday party for him and invite all the neighbourhood kids come to join...I think he will be very happen...
@shibham (17019)
• India
15 Jun 10
many many happy returns of the day for your sweetie. hope you will share your photos with us. have a nice day.
• United States
15 Jun 10
Happy Birthday to your lil one! My youngest will be 3 in fall, hard to believe how time flies?!?! We have the same problem with birthdays with my oldest & youngest their birthdays are only 5 days appart and in the middle is their Aunt & Grandfather's birthday as well! Quite a busy week for us!
@erikmama (12929)
• United States
15 Jun 10
Aww..Happy Birthday to her! 3 is such a good age...Sometimes! LOL! Wow, you guys could have a really big Saturday celebration for everyone in the birthday family,or a cook-out or something. It is so great that you take time to let he know hoe much you love her and how much she is wanted.To many forget to fo that.Glad you guys had a good day!! My son's b-day is Friday!