While driving is there need to speed?

June 17, 2010 1:17pm CST
I have seen people chasing other cars while driving when one car overtakes them no matter how busy the traffic is.And they doesnt bother to spare the animals on the street also.They dont bother to care for the people who are sharing the same car space with them what they must b goin thru.Do you think it makes sense?
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@Transformed (1262)
• United States
17 Jun 10
People speed because they are in a rush to get somewhere or they have no regard for others while driving on the road. Those others they have no regard for could be other cars, animals or even pedestrians crossing the street. People are too distracted while in their cars and it is a real problem. It is undignified to rush so why do people drive so recklessly?
• India
18 Jun 10
U r right even i think the same way.One shouldnt be so merciless.I have seen our colleaague doing this just for the sake of having fun.There wasnt any sort of urgency.He hates to drive slow it seems.For instance if it takes 1 hr to reach somewhere he wil do it within 15-20 mins.
• India
13 Jul 10
I think there is NO NEED , there are posters, banners on the roads, highway, telling, 'The minute you save by speeding may be your last'; Speed limit 40 km/h etc, but who cares?They ignore and face accident, some die on spot.. Thanks for sharing. Welcome always. Cheers. Professor
• Philippines
11 Jul 10
Absolutely not. Their ego was hurt when some drivers were overtaken. These people should have their licenses revoked. Although I doubt that it would keep them from driving. It makes no sense to be ahead of every car driver unless you're in a race track or there is a really urgent need to go to the bathroom! Besides, why worry about being overtaken on a street where everyone is already in front of everyone else's? No sense at all.