When Disaster Strikes!

United States
June 24, 2010 6:05pm CST
Well, it has happened. I had it all so carefully planned out, too! I bought my refrigerator at a fire sale two years ago when we first moved in here. It wasn't the best fridge but it did work okay, only freezing my produce on occasion. I knew it wasn't going to last much longer so I had planned to save up for a new refrigerator which I would have the money for by October, 2011. This month we defrosted the freezer (no, it isn't a frost-free model) and immediately after, the refrigerant section stopped working. Oh, the freezer still works but not the fridge. Okay, it was slowly dying anyway but my savings are not sufficiently built up to make a purchase yet. I called my homeowners' insurance company to see if this qualified and was covered by my policy. Waiting on the adjuster's call now. Then I shot off emails to my four older sisters begging for a loan which I could conceivably pay back by March. I'll just wait on the new bed until October. I looked at Sears and they had one on sale for under $800 but with the shipping, the cost was over $1000!!! OMG! Talk about a choking hazard! So I guess I could talk to the local places and see what they can do for me. In the meantime I'm having to make sure I don't have too many perishables in the house at a time. A friend offered me a cooler but keeping ice in it would be too much. An electric cooler would work, of course. Maybe I should shop for one of those instead of a fridge? I know they run around $70. Of course, I still wouldn't be able to stock up on perishables too much but I might be able to limp through until I had the $1000 for the new fridge. Any suggestions?
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