How much do I charge to board a dog? Any Dog specialists out there?

@dloveli (4368)
United States
July 6, 2010 8:26am CST
Hello all. I need your help! I have a second job taking care of a rescued rottweiler mix during the day while the owner is at work. I check in twice a day and spend time with him. Usually breakfast and lunch. She pays me an hourly wage. However, she needs to go away friday until monday and needs me to stay overnight with Remy(the dog). Friday during the day I will be doing my regular but will come back around 9pm and stay overnight. See the problem is I dont know what to charge. I dont want to be money hungry but I dont want to be taken advantage of either. I told her to pay me for the week as she usually does and leave it for me before she leaves. Im not going to be left wondering if Im going to get screwed. SO far so good. She hasnt stiffed me yet. I just get a little worried that with this being a larger amount she may come back and be like can I give you half now and half next week. No way I need my money this is my job. All those dog breeders, boarders, pet sitters, etc., please tell me how much should I charge. Thanks dl
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@crazydaisy (3899)
• Canada
6 Jul 10
I would say you are doing very well because it cost alot more to board him or put it in a vets for a week. cd
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@dorannmwin (36653)
• United States
9 Jul 10
Well, before I read everything that you said in the discussion, I was going to say that pet sitters in our area usually charge ten dollars per visit in the day. However, as far as being with the animal overnight, I wouldn't even begin to know where to start. I think that I'd probably call the places that board animals in your area and use that as a jumping off point as to where you should charge for the time that you will be spending with the dog.
@jessje (145)
• United Kingdom
7 Jul 10
We board our dogs at a doghotel when we are away, and they cost 8 euro per dog per day all inclusive. I walk dogs as part of my job and get paid 8 euro per hour. I wouldn't pay more than 10 euro for a sleepover,and that are the normal prices around here. We also board cats and dogs during vacation times and again, the prices are 8 euro per 24 hours, not much, but it helps to pay the bills.
• Canada
7 Jul 10
Charge what u think is fair. U don't say how much u charge for what u do now. She has been good paying up to now, what has changed.
@celticeagle (124325)
• Boise, Idaho
6 Jul 10
I would have them pay half up front. How much do you spend in dog food and such? And don't forget atleast your hourly wage of $7. Add that up and double it if you have them overnight. I would think that $30 isn't too much to ask for a base and then double if you keep them overnight. I should add up nicely.
@savypat (20245)
• United States
6 Jul 10
We charge 40 dollars per day if someone has to stay overnight at the house. This is much more than just watching the dog, During the time that you are there you are responsible for the whole house. If we have to be at the house the whole time the charge goes to 65 for each day.
@Hatley (164186)
• Garden Grove, California
6 Jul 10
hi dloveli I would call up several dog boarding places and find out how much they charge per day then maybe cut down a little so your rottweeiler owner will think you are really a fine person for givning her such a nenerous break but on the other hand do not be too generous as you deserve to be paid a reasonable sum for dog sitting her dog. take care Good luck and God bless.