Love being at Home.

@rugene (57)
August 1, 2010 10:37am CST
Home Is The bEst place so Far. Best PLace to Relax,Best place to BOnd with and Best PLace OF all. I really Love Being at Home.. dont You?
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• Philippines
2 Aug 10
I love home because this is one of my comfort zones. I can do whatever I want without caring too much if someone is observing your actions. I also love it here because I am used to. I mean, I stay here most of the time. And most of all, this the place where I and betterhalf stay during our free time.
• Philippines
2 Aug 10
Correction: "This is the place where I and my better betterhalf stay during our free time.
• Philippines
3 Aug 10
:) Wow..I love that word "betterhalf" hehehehe (teasing mode)....Indeed, it's a Home "SWEET" home for you my friend. Good day to you!
@bubuth (1815)
• Philippines
29 Sep 12
I agree with you. Every where I go or even I visit a very beautiful place or in a quiet place I still feel much relax at home. I can only take good sleep at home and I feel more at ease when i'm home. Even after work, all i want to do is to go home. I really like staying at home than spending much of my time outside. I feel so lucky because me and my husband are staying in the house where I grew up.
@hushi22 (4928)
1 Aug 10
I agree (only if dad is not around). Home is the best esp if my brothers and mom are around. We are very happy.
@juneramir (334)
• Philippines
3 Aug 10
My real home isn't on this earth. In my home I can be with my friends, family, and I can worship God. It will bring me peace and comfort, and will be calm.I can do any thing I want, as long as it is pleasing to God, and not be judged about it. People treat every one the same and don't look down on anyone. Every one is welcome anytime nd would be greeted with joy and comfort. The streets are paved in Gold and gates are made of pearl. This place I speak of is not imaginary, it is heaven. And I know I have a home there waiting for me. Have a blessed day everyone! :)
• India
13 Aug 10
I love home. very good silent place best relax aria. lovely place.
• China
7 Aug 10
I don't agree with you. Sometimes I just prefer to get outside to breathe flesh air. I would like to close nature and listen to it. Extensive nature can makes me relax.