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@Lochoa (222)
United States
August 9, 2010 1:41pm CST
Okay so I have T-Mobile and have for approx 4-5 years. I haven't had a problem with them, I think the customer service is great! BUT I've been wanting to cut back on some expenses. I pay approx 85 after taxes every month for my cell phone plan. I have 1000 min to share with my husband and I have 1000 texts every month and my husband has 300. We never go over our texts or minutes a month. I'm out of a contract which I don't mind have been looking into upgrading b/c I like the newer phones but don't want to pay an extra 30/mo for the data plan. I have a friend that's willing to sell me her Tmobile G1 for like $60 and since it has WiFi I heard you can still get online without a data plan. I've also been looking into different cell phone providers but they just seem too expensive and not that many minutes and HAVE to have a data plan (extra $30/mo) I ran into Virgin Mobile which you can pay $40/mo for 1200 min and unlimited messaging,email,data,and web! Or the 25/mo for 300 min and unlimited messaging, email, data, and web! My husband doesn't really use his phone only to talk to me pretty much or his family but no that often so I thought he could have the 300 min a month. BEFORE I did any changes does this sound like a good idea, should I just stick with Tmobile and buy my friends phone? If I bought my friends phone I wouldn't be required to buy a data plan but if I upgraded to a FREE phone I would have to get a data plan and a new 2 year contract AND have less minutes then what I do now I think it's 750 a month for same price and if I put more minutes then it would be an extra $20/mo! AND if I didn't upgrade I would have to buy a phone FULL price $100-$400! Is there another cheap cell provider out there?
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@smartie0317 (1610)
• United States
9 Aug 10
There's a lot of things to think about. For example, do many of your friends and/or family have T-mobile? I know T-mobile has free mobile to mobile. So, you would be calling them without using your minutes. Where as with Virgin Mobile, you'd be using your minutes. Also, VM sounds like a smaller company. You have to be careful with those because they're always being bought by bigger companies. Then, you're rate will go up anyway. Personally, I would stick with T-mobile.