im getting married! help!

@messageme (2821)
United States
August 19, 2010 12:59am CST
Im getting married in May....ok so it's like nine months away, but I have NO IDEA what I am supose to do!! I have never been married before and I dont know where to start! What do I do first? then next? Can I get everyones Ideas on what I should do for reception tables? I want something unique but I am not good at decorating at all!! IDEAS IDEAS IDEAS THANKS SOOOO MUCH!
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• Philippines
19 Aug 10
Well, in my experience, the first thing to consider is your budget. Plan things based on your budget. Decide on your theme and the number of guests. Search online for the best deals and ideas. Or if you have the patience in scouting on bargains you can check on your local stores. Decorations can depend on your theme. For beach weddings, you can put flowers and sea shells in your tables. For traditional weddings, you can place small candles and flowers. It all depends on the ambiance that you want for your wedding.
@rhodzptc (1319)
• Philippines
19 Aug 10
Well said and exactly that's is the main point of that. But I think he doesn't have problem with the budget at all because he ask for Marriage with out having plan at all. I wonder how did they talk about that thing it is a very serious matter and he totally don't have ideas what mess did he will be going through lol.
@Humbug25 (12540)
26 Aug 10
Hi ya messageme First of all, a huge, huge congratulations to you, I had no idea. I didn't get married in my own country so all traditions for me went completely out of the window. I can give you some suggestions though if you like but how valid they are is up to you haha On the table I would have disposable cameras so everyone can take pictures of each other having a good time, which you are not going to get to see, and they won't cost too much to buy. Also you can get these little bottles of bubbles that are in a very small plastic champagne bottles, those are fun. Also what is nice are, these like small goldfish bowls you can get and just pop a candle inside each one and then place them on a round mirror and place in the centre of the table. I recently was given a load of these and she told me that is what she did, I am going to use them as Christmas gifts. Hope that helps good luck and by the way May really is not that far away, especially as you are planning a wedding!!
@cupkitties (7426)
• United States
20 Aug 10
Do you have a wedding planner? I was married but I didn't have the traditional fancy girly wedding so I'm lost on that one too. Possibly you could look in some wedding magazines for ideas.
• United States
19 Aug 10
Congrats. I know what you are going through. I got married three years ago and I remember all the fun it was to plan. First off you both need to get together with both parents and set up a budget. Having a budget is so important and believe me it helps a lot. I know when I got engaged I had a joint checking account and my parents and his mom (his dad is deceased and his mom passed ten weeks before we got married) had access to it. My fiance (now husband) and I were both working and we both decided to add at least 50.00 per pay check into the saving account. Both of our names were on it together and we could only take money out if we both agreed to it. At the time I was doing a few surveys and would put that extra money away in my savings account. I had used silk flowers and that helped me save money. I made my own boutineers and my bouquets. I also made my own center pieces. I will be writing my articles and publishing them soon. I will share things with you.
@tovk12 (234)
• India
19 Aug 10
Hi, Congratulations. Calm down and relax. It is still 9 months away. Have fun shopping for your wedding and plan it big.You have the time to arrange all the things you want to.
@BigTips (305)
• China
19 Aug 10
As you have said above, if you have never gotten married before, it is unnecessary to get worried your current situation because everyone who is in your position have no experience too. It is obvious that you need much time to accumulate experience. If you can't wait to change your situation, I advise you to look for ideas from your parents and friends. I am sure you can gain a satisfactory answer from them. Good luck! Enjoy a better life.
@skysuccess (8865)
• Singapore
19 Aug 10
messageme, Well, congratulations would be the first order of the day here. I suppose the both of you will have to inform your family parents and other members of your intentions and date of your big day. The both of you may have to inform and/or make reservations for the church and/or wedding registrar to hold and officiate your marriage. I am putting this as a priority as your date may fall on some special day or is a popular date and as such the church or premises may be fully booked. So, don't leave this late into your preparations. Now that you have the time, you can always make use of the time to look for a wedding studio for your wedding gowns and studio photos. It may be advisable to take up a package where it will include gowns for the studio photography, the rental of gowns on the actual day and even outdoor photography or videoing on your actual day. The package will also let you be relieved of the stress of running around and coordinating, especially when you are short of people to help around. You can always ask around from your friends and family members for more information on other aspects like wedding ceremonies, wedding reception arrangements, caterers and etc.. I am sure their experiences will be invaluable and save you the hassle of unreliable service providers. Take care and have a nice day.
@puccagirl (7303)
• Israel
19 Aug 10
First of all: Congratulations! I am also getting married around the same time, and I haven't really gotten very far yet, but these are the things I started with: - Setting a budget, because it is impossible to do almost anything without having done that first. - Looking for a place to have the wedding, because a lot of the stuff you decide on after that will depend on the place. - Set a date. The next step for me will be to look at menus and decorations I think... Good luck, you have a lot of time, so I am sure you will have a wonderful wedding!