Im New Here? What i have to do?

September 3, 2010 8:41pm CST
Please help me to earn this site i dont have an idea and what should i do??? Thanks...
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• United States
17 Sep 10
Hello Missy and welcome to myLot. I like to provide the following information as I find it very helpful . Here is a valuable link discussion that will guide you step by step on how to place your banners and or texts into your profile page. Secondly this link will give you the dos and don't on myLot, as a new and veteran member this link should be visited often as it clears up any misunderstandings as to why posts and discussion get deleted. Tips: Always, always start quality discussions, myLot will not tolerate rubbish and or trying to gain referrals so never, ever post referral links in your discussions. The first response to your discussion here will be deleted as this is prohibited. And anyone replying to that set of discussion will get their replies also deleted. When you start discussions, always, always respond to the members who commented on your discussions. You will not earn just because you posted a discussion. In other words. You start the discussion, I respond, I earn. You comment back you earn. SIMPLE and remember the more members respond, the more you comment back, you earn more. Have fun happy Best tip I can offer is keep myLotting and having fun. I hope your stay with myLot is a successful one. happy
• India
17 Sep 10
yes u r right....
@gaiza12 (4884)
• Philippines
4 Sep 10
hello, welcome to mylot! We were all first timers in this site..the first thing i did when i registered here was observe, read the rules and guidelines so that i won't be able to break any rules, then i responded to the different discussions that im interested in and then i added some friends so that they could help me somehow in my comments and discussions and even help me in my stay here. It's really not that hard if you only follow the guidelines and just be yourself, share whatever you want to share and ask whatever you what to ask. We are all welcome and free to do what we want here just as long as its in accordance with the rules. Happy MyLotting
• Philippines
15 Sep 10
thanks guys im interested to this site. thanks to all have a nice day...
@GardenGerty (157918)
• United States
12 Oct 10
The advice I would give you would be to make sure you understand the terms of service and guidelines. Look around. If you see discussions that you want to participate in, join in. Make your discussions, responses, and comments as long and detailed as you can. You earn for what you do, so do a lot. Look for people you would like to get to know, and invite them as friends, and turn on the notifiers when you do. When someone responds to your discussion, comment back to whatever they say, and have a real discussion. Make friends and have fun.
@anurag3786 (6267)
• India
19 Sep 10
Hey it si very very simple to earn money here on mylot by answering discussions and also starting some new discussions.. yes you must regular on this sites also if you want to improve your rating and also earned a good amount of money.. so now you can started.. earning..
@tomitomi (5429)
• Singapore
18 Sep 10
By now You should see changes in your earnings, the topmost tab, if you have replied to all the responses to your post here. Stay active and you will find out more. Welcome to myLot.
@ekoytyas (4679)
• Indonesia
11 Oct 10
just make a discussion or just respond in other friend discussion. upload some picture will give you extra money
@laydee (12798)
• Philippines
4 Sep 10
You just type your thoughts away and soon you'll realize that idle time made productive here could give you money. But don't focus on the earning because it would be frustrating. A few cents would demotivate you hehehe.. But remember that it's better using mylot instead of just sleeping or sitting down the whole day doing nothing.
@deve_annrn (1856)
• Philippines
4 Sep 10
Hello there!!! Welcome to my lot.., the best way to earn while making friends., starting your own discussion and writing comments on other discussions.., it's fun here,.., if you wanna know how it really works here.., go on the FAQ page and read it..=) have a great day!!
@Joman122 (118)
• Canada
4 Sep 10
Just respond to different discussions and make your own discussions. Make sure they're detailed while not being filled with useless jargon. Also, you should take note that your not going to earn $100 of dollars within a few days. You can only make a few cents a day, maybe a dollar if you post enough detailed comments
@jcaaar (13)
• United States
16 Sep 10
Start discussing interesting things, or you can participate in ongoing discussions If you have any questions regarding anything you can ask here. For now get use to mylot community, how it works, what are the incentives.