September 15, 2010 9:18am CST
Gossip in workplace we've all experienced it. Most of us engaged in one time or another. Its like a day to day routine to some. Gossip may cause a lot of damage. Gossipers to my analysis have a strong need to fit in. They are doing it as a security blanket to hide their imperfections for them spreading rumors will make them feel important. What do you think about them(the gossipers)?
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@laniekins (4580)
• Philippines
17 Sep 10
We got lot's of gossiper and gossips in my past company that I worked for. And it is soo funny that most gossiper were boys. They most of the time got the news first, I mean we hear gossips from them. Well, I can't blame them, there are few couples who do fishy things while both of them already in relationships and married so there is something to talk about.
@lalay1976 (330)
• Philippines
15 Sep 10
Hi jasminetea! I hate gossipers especially those in the workplace. Though I admit I have taken part in some gossiping. Who hasn't? :) It is when someone overdo it that it becomes annoying and irritating. I have been a favorite topic for a gossip in my office before. I tried not to mind them (they were a group) but they get on my nerves at times. Mind you, not retorting back to quiet them doesn't work. The more they want to "get the better of you".. I agree with you that it is their way of hiding their flaws. They exaggerate the flaws of others so people will focus on other's flaws, not on theirs. They want to make themselves appear as the ideal ones. I had one co-worker before who makes gossiping more of her occupation. I mean if people in her department are too busy to listen to her gossips, she will go to another department and continue with what she's doing. It was just a sad thing that our boss liked gossiping as well.. :( Some people are just too sick psychologically..