Teens and suicide

@stacyv81 (5904)
United States
September 25, 2010 8:21am CST
A friend of mine has just gone to a wake for a 16 year old girl who committed suicide...I dont know the girl, but it just breaks my heart! She wrote a letter to her family, and told a close friend that if she died not to let a boy that broke up with her attend her funeral. She went to the bus stop early and hung herself. Because of a boy!! I dont know what I would do if this was my daughter! I am confused why someone would do this! I remember being a teen and feeling my world turn upside down over a boy, but suicide wasnt an option.. What could cause someone to do this and why are so many teens choosing to take their lives? What can we do about this? It isnt just over boys, but bullying, and other things. Is it truly harder now? Than just a few years ago when I was still in high school? Or are we just not giving our teens the coping skills needed to get by? Or have we engrained such an "instant gratification" society that we arent equipping them with the knowledge they need? What do you think?
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22 Oct 10
It's a sad growing trend, in wales there was a string of them and it seems that cults are growing within teens and people seem to feel the need to follow what their friends do. I personally feel more needs to be done to prevent this type of behaviour, I couldn't see a way of allowing my children to be unhappy without knowing but I know this is easy to say I can easily spot when they are and I feel most parents can tell. sadly it appears the parents of these teens was either busy, didn't care or wasn't able to prevent it.
@tomitomi (5441)
• Singapore
26 Sep 10
Teens and the youngs seem to be the most susceptable group. It's sad really. I'm sure alot could be done to help them through counselling and public education. The least we could do is to give them the support they need especially when we see such symptoms in them at home.
@varthiny (16)
• India
26 Sep 10
so sad Teens usually like to talk to their parents and their beloved. Many parents do not understand this what they think. They like to tell everything to their well wisher. But in this mechanical life n parents harsh talking they wont tell anything, i'm telling for a school girl. Some girls do not understand their life that what had happened to their future Teens r so sensitive nowadays not all people. I don't know why, they r not thinking about the future. Take care. Talk to ur daughter freely. Ask do u have any problem. This qn i like to hear from my mom, but she wont ask me as i'm a teen.
@laniekins (4585)
• Philippines
26 Sep 10
It's truly heartbreaking whenever you hear someone end his/her own life. The society and environment is very much different than before. Teens in the 80's is starting to give much attention in love and relationship. Friends and parental guidance is big factors in teens life. It's important for parents to know who are their teen's friends and to introduce GOD in their child's life at the early age.
@sayariza (146)
• Indonesia
25 Sep 10
that girl needed someone to talk, it is very sad to read your story.