What the most you have ever gotten paid for taking a single survey?

United States
September 30, 2010 5:40pm CST
What is the most you have ever gotten paid for taking a single survey? What was it about and how much did it pay? I got paid $120 through IPSOP for keeping track of my snacks on a Data organizer and sending them back the data organizer after 2 weeks. It was really fun. The most I have gotten paid for an online survey session is $25 through Rand survey
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• United States
11 Jul 12
The most I've gotten paid was for a survey I was given over the phone, it was $30!! I was very surprised as I don't have alot of luck with the ones online earning anything more than change or a few points/dollars per survey.
@ifa225 (14433)
• Indonesia
21 Oct 10
i have got $5 for a survey that i done. but it seems it is hard to find a survey which paid me for $5. so far i just made $15 in my account and i have not yet reach the minimum payout
@snowy22315 (163089)
• United States
18 Oct 10
Well, it was really more like a forum, but I am supposed to be paid 150.00 by a survey site for participating in an online discussion over the course of a few days. I don't want to talk too much about it, because they usually ask that the details of these things not be discussed. Before that I have only gotten like ten dollar gift cards and such, no real big surveys just frequent ones. Actually, I did do one that was like a forum disucssion that paid 60.00. That was cool.
@bounce58 (17387)
• Canada
4 Oct 10
The most I have gotten is $60 for recording my drinks into a data organizer in a two week period. I did it last month, and a couple of weeks ago, they sent me another data organizer with same instructions but a lot more questions. I am in the middle of my two week period now. And I am supposed to get another $60. I just got my first check over the weekend.
@keshia2007r (2880)
• United States
3 Oct 10
$60 and i bascially did the same thing you did, but from a different company.Lightspeedpanel sent me the same palm pilot. its amazing how many survey sites are paying so much money to know what kind of snack food we are eating. i'm hearing that surveyspot is paying $80 for the same project as well.