November 6, 2010 11:38pm CST
how would you say that love strikes again your heart,how would you know it??? do you have any signs of it???
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• Philippines
9 Nov 10
if i cant stop thinking bout the person and i imagine that were gettin married and havin kids. i think love is more like an obsession.
@ifa225 (14364)
• Indonesia
8 Nov 10
well, if i think him all the time and i can get him outta my mind even in my dream, and i feel my heart beating when i see or heard some things about him. maybe that is some sign that i can fell when i know that i am in love
@bird123 (10632)
• United States
8 Nov 10
What's the old saying?? Soft as an easy chair. Love often feels so good one never sees it coming. Also, one doesn't always have control over who they fall in love with. Then, what would life really be without love. We should value the experience far more than any discomfort that might show itself later.
@sender621 (14894)
• United States
7 Nov 10
Sometimes we can see love coming. Sometimes it hits us from out of the blue like a ton of bricks. If we can see the signs, we seem to deal with it better. When it is unexpected, it turns our world upside down.
@calpro (930)
• India
7 Nov 10
I have a question for you,Did you ever fell in love? If so you would know how your heat beats raises when you the girl you like when she is coming nearer.When love strikes everything seems so nice to you. Have fun