What are you doing during breaktime?

November 9, 2010 1:43pm CST
Me? Nah..it's either sleep, eat or going to mall with my officemates. This is my favorite time of my everyday life because I can relax. This is my life 3 months ago. I actually missed it. We need to relax even a minute or an hour from our very tiring job right? What do you think guys?
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@asliah (11137)
• Philippines
13 Mar 13
yes sometimes i do sleep when i still have time during lunch time even if its a snap only,but most of the time we have many topic to discuss with my co-worker after our lunch so most of the time i don't have time to sleep.we all eat in the pantry for an hour and had some discussion.
@pinkhawk7 (229)
• Philippines
13 Nov 10
Hello! hmmm...almost same here, after having lunch, I usually take a short nap for few minutes as long as my limitation permits then surf the net to check mails, get some updates of what's new and happening and just a very short chat with friends if necessary. We usually don't go to the mall because of lack of time, we just have our gig or bonding moments after working hours. It's fun and relaxing! ^_^
@laniekins (4580)
• Philippines
12 Nov 10
I can only go out of the office for my breaktime during lunch break only so that's 12:00-1:00pm, snack and coffee breaks are optional mostly we eat here at the office. We just normally go back to the office do the job, we are not allowed to take a nap when we got back even if we didn't consume our time but we can do net surfing while working just don't let your boss see you.