Do you think you are a quick learner?

@JackRoy (243)
United States
November 18, 2010 1:29am CST
I was quick learner at my younger age. I used to catch up stuffs very quickly and stored them in my memory for long. This ability helped me a lot in my study and later in my professional life. But now that I am aging I am loosing this ability slowly. I still learn a lot but not that much faster. What do think of yourself? Are you a quick learner? Do think with age this ability wears away?
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@zeraeign (163)
• Philippines
20 Nov 10
I believe I am. Whenever I need to learn new things, I search the internet right away and if I find good instructions, I will try to learn them immediately. There are things that needs a teacher though. I tried learning programming before. I downloaded an Ebook but I just couldn't get what the book was saying. LOL. This is kinda nostalgic because I could remember clearly where I downloaded the book. The site was gone now though.
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@lynnymac (105)
• United States
18 Nov 10
At 58 years old I do notice that my memory is not as good as it used to be, though i can remember things from long ago with clarity. consiquently i wonder if it's my ability to learn new things or my ability to retain the information that is the problem. wait...what were we talking about? i forget...hahahaha
@hushi22 (4929)
18 Nov 10
when it needs more of physical ability like strength or sports, i am not, but when it needs artistic and logical ways, i think i am. i think some abilities wear out and some upgrades.
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@surekharathi (14166)
• India
18 Nov 10
Yes I am also a quick learner but my way is change. When I learn anything prepare my own points and then elaborate that point in my language. I got a good percentage on the basis of this point in my LLB exam and in my MCM exam also. This is helpful in my professional life also. I still learn everything with this ways. But I think after 50 it is possible in rare case.
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• Tokelau
1 Dec 10
i'm the worst learner ever. when it comes to school, i don't learn anything. when it comes to.. learning a song, i only need to her it 2,3 times and i know its lyrics guess we only learn what we like, quick :)
@Porcospino (30467)
• Denmark
29 Nov 10
I think that I am a pretty quick learner. When I was a living in Italy I learned to speak Italian pretty fast. I simply had to learn it because my teachers and my roommate didn't speak English. I like to learn new things. Sometimes I take classes when I want to learn a new thing and something I study on my own. Last year I started learning Russian on my own, I study online and I have already learned a lot of words. I have also taught myself to paint and do other kinds of creative activities.