earning are just not what they use to be

United States
November 23, 2010 10:19am CST
use to i would start a discussion and i would make more. the answers i gave to others paid better too. i started 3 yesterday and got repsonses on them probably about 15 att together and made 6 cents. use to that would of been at least 15 cents if not more. and i dont do the ones that ask whats you favorite color i mean come on those are horriable. i miss the old mylot i have been a member for 4 years plus now.
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• Philippines
24 Nov 10
Hello Easymoney, I've read from old lotters that you can earn two dollars in just two hours but you know, those are the OLD TIMES. probably those i believe when mylot is still a new and a lot of people were participating in this.my suggestion is, FORGET the old times. that's because it's still surprising that after all these years, MYLOT continues to pay us despite of their disadvantages to handle certain cheaters and violators here. JUst enjoy the benefits of getting paid while being active here. it's better than participating topics for nothing right
• Canada
23 Nov 10
I don't know how you're earning so little, but yesterday I earned 39 cents, 10 the day before and 20 the day before that. But I've been extremely active lately, much more than I have been in the past years. I expect to make more today, all of this will compensate for the inactivity I will be facing when I work tomorrow, and possibly the rest of the week. Your discussions and responses shouldn't be short, they earn you less if they are, so maybe that's the issue you've been facing lately. I've been here for about as long as you have, but it's a learning process every day to figure out how to make the most of your discussions and responses.