Friday - Fruit's Day in our office :)

@stand87 (664)
November 26, 2010 3:55am CST
This Friday is actually Fruit's Day in our car-hire office here. It's all because of our HR department. Few weeks back we had Cake's day :) It's a good concept, I think. There are bannas all over the office as well as oragnes, apples and etc. It's kind of fun! It seems that we have nice chiefs here, isn't it? Do you think that iniciatives like this one are helping the team?
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@dragon54u (31629)
• United States
26 Nov 10
That's a great idea! It gives you something to look forward to and wonder what's coming next. I think it's good for morale and more companies should do things like this!
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@dorannmwin (36393)
• United States
29 Nov 10
I'm assuming that you mean that they bring you all in a snack of fruit on Fridays. I think that incentives like this in order to thank employees for a job well done is a great thing. In addition to this, it also gives the employees something to look forward to as well. I remember when I worked in the hospital, we were able to have scrubs of choice on Friday and it really was something that I looked forward to as an employee.
@Hatley (163905)
• Garden Grove, California
27 Nov 10
hi stand what a great idea and so innovative. wish other companies' would instigate something like this.Fruit day and cake day. what fun and its physically and mentally good for all of you.I would think that really would be fun. You do have great chiefs there. a sense of humor and of togetherness which is so good to have'at work. I worked for a long time in our library and we had a staff that were as close as a family, we all enjoyed each others company as we worked. this 'makes a job so great as everyone is happy to be with you and you with them. i have worked where I felt like an outsider all the time. coworkers were cordial but not really friendly only with the ones who had been there for years.I was glad I was only there on a temporary basis as that would not be fun to be the odd person out.When I worked full time in the hospital we were all friends too and often got together to have picnics and barbeques and this was so great.friends at work and friends after work. nice combo.
@celticeagle (142364)
• Boise, Idaho
26 Nov 10
Helping the team? Well, yes I do. Good food can only help the mind and help us do better work. Cakes I am not so sure about but the fruits surely do help. Yes, iniatives like this would help and I would think that your HR department is doing a good job. I wonder what they have on next.