Do You Remember Who The School Bully Was ?

@Cherryd41 (1119)
United States
November 26, 2010 9:31pm CST
I remember the name of the school bully in my highschool her name was Inga Hill she was a bit of a Tom Boy and dressed like a guy as well she wore really ratty looking clothes and she would always pick on people smaller than her as a bully would do but she got hers in the end she picked on the wrong kid one day and got her lights punched out
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• Pamplona, Spain
7 Jan 11
Hiya Cherry, Suppose we have all had to put up with them to an extent at sometime in our lives haveĀ“nt we? There were quite a number I can remember but the Bullies that I remember stood up for me when a Teacher in particular was trying to make my life impossible in her Class. They stood up for me and since that Day she left me alone forever. All they did was to ask her why was she always going on at me? She did not know where to look. I was gobsmacked to say the least. I never had asked anyone to stand up for me against her. We were in a very strict School too. She never did anything to them either. She just changed the theme and carried on as if nothing had ever happened. After that I never considered either of them Bullies in that sense of the Word. I did try to thank them but I did not know how to. Tears well in my eyes still when I think that those two whom I thought were my mortal enemies stood up for me so bravely in the Class. It will take me a life time to repay them in some way or another in gratitude. The Teacher we had was a real Bully and there was no excuse at all for her behaviour but she knew she had the "winning hand" and just kept going on at me all the time. One of those "bullies" you have to swallow and put up with. This was more like "Lowood Institute" kind of thing if anyone has ever read "Jane Eyre" they will know what I am really talking about. After that I became more resilient and able to stand up for myself better. I never answered Teachers back or anything like that but I was able to hold my own in Classroom better after that. I never hold anger against anyone and I never did with her either but she did nag a little too much to all of us.
@chiyosan (30184)
• Philippines
27 Nov 10
hmm good thing really wass that i do not know who our school bully was. lucky i guess for us as there are no bully... =)
@magrylouyu (1627)
• United States
27 Nov 10
I do remember who the school bullies were. I wont mention any names but 3 come to mind right off the bat. I wasn't 'popular' by any means but I was also far from the 'loser' group. I was in the middle. The school bullies would always try to pick on me but one of my best friends was 'popular' and would always back me up and they backed right off. Now I just realize of course it's all high school drama and I talk about more then half the people from school then I did when I actually went there. We all grew up and life goes on. They did anything to pick on the not so popular kids. It was and still is stupid really as today it's having kids kill themselves.
@laniekins (4579)
• Philippines
27 Nov 10
Most bully at school were boys that's why I hate being around boys until I reach college. I can still remember his face but I forgot his name.