Do you like the song intervene in the midst of the movie...?

@siliguri (4242)
January 2, 2011 11:57pm CST
In hollywood movie rarely there is an injection of song in the middle of the movie but in every bollywood movie we see the intervene of the song in the movie which creates a boring feeling to me i really doens't like to have a song in the midst of the movie..this is my opinion what about you..?
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@marguicha (166076)
• Chile
6 Jan 11
There are many ways os having songs in the middle of a movie. Somwe I like, Some I hate. It depends on many things. Some songs are on the background and some are part of the plot. For instance, most of the movies Elvis did were bad movies. It is a pity, because he could make good movies. But if you take the songs from the movie, you have nothing much (as in Jailhouse Rock). So, what do really mean by "injection of a song"? Take care!
• India
3 Jan 11
Me too doesn't like to have a song in the middle of the movie it really distract my mind also and creates a boredom atmosphere around.
@Jotomy (6343)
• India
3 Jan 11
Hi siliguri, I enjoy songs than movie. In the movie if it is relevant song then it is okay some times there will not be any connection for the song and the movie then i feel it is a waste. Have a wonderful day.
@indahfth (11169)
• Indonesia
3 Jan 11
I also feel disturbed, if the middle of the movie, there are songs. but if the song was not that long, I do not mind. but if a long song, very disturbing.
• India
3 Jan 11
You are right siliguri, indian movies are unique in many respects, and this feature is one of them, i don't see hindi movies, the last i visited was 30 years ago, the old songs were tolerable, but not the present ones, mere headache.. Thank you so much for this discussion. Professor ‘Bhuwan’. . Cheers have a lucky day ahead. God bless you.
@Liliac26 (558)
• Romania
3 Jan 11
I've never watched a Bollywood movie in its entirety in my life (that is, if Slumdog Millionaire doesn't count), but I don't think it would bother me too much if I liked the song. However, if I didn't like the song, I'd probably quit watching altogether. So, it all depends on the quality of the music number.