Love Between commitment

January 6, 2011 1:55am CST
Love is far different from commitment. Love is a gift which anyone can have.. while commitment is a sacrifice for love that not everybody is capable of.. It's just so sad that the word commitment is enclosed with duties which makes it heavy, which makes other people afraid of. They may be ready for love and not for commitment...
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• India
27 Mar 13
Thanks for this discussion,yes they are totally different, i agree with you; love is an wonderful gift.
• India
13 Jan 11
Hi Mate, True. I completely agree with your statement. Without commitment Love is just a physical attraction and infactuation in genders especially in teenagers. While coming to commitment in Love is always missing. Love is not just give and take. Its divine thing, which normally people doesnt understand. People will be with us when we are happy and other way round we are alone.......
• United States
6 Jan 11
While I understand what your saying, this applies only to certain types of love, I feel that if a person loves another person on the level that a married couple would or should then they need to be willing to make the sacrifices that come along with it the good and the bad. If you truly love someone you will do anything for them, and your love is unconditional you should be ready and willing to make any sacrifices that you have to. Its sickening to me that people go out fall in "love" and get married and yet somehow feel that they can still continue to do things like business as usual, any relationship requires every party involved to give more then they take, its got to be a two way street with everyone doing their part every day. If one person doesnt do their part the relationship will eventually fail.