It's Rainy Days!

@carrine (2743)
February 16, 2011 9:40pm CST
lately its been raining day and night time. i love when it rains if i dont have work, i love to stay at home without using Aircondition or electric fan. right now, we just stayed inside the house. i do read, watch movie. but the disadvantage here is i ate a lot, like anything i can see, or anything i can think to cook. hahaha but if do have work, i hate it, because its hard to find a cab or jeep so i will be late. and its so messy!
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@sandymay16 (1617)
• Philippines
17 Feb 11
I love rain as long as it foes not cause havoc in our lives. It's been sun shiny warm and a bit windy here. It's been like these for a week now after a really huge downpour a week ago but it happened in the wee hurs of the morning. So it was very good to cuddle up more between the sheets and wake up a little longer. But I also experienced rain while walking sor some errands, good thing I always have my umbrella in my bag because we never knew when the rain comes suddenly then the sun would shine just suddenly so. The weather bureau has been telling everyone about the rains coming abnormally and the abnormally wet summer. Anyhow, I like it when it rains.
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@zandi458 (28102)
• Malaysia
17 Feb 11
It has been raining here since the start of the year. But we should be thankful not to be caught like many places in the world with heavy snowing that hamper everyday activities. It is nice to bury under the comforter and read books when it rains outside. Rain can be a blessing sometimes as it give us the much needed time to read books or magazines. When it rains I usually don't go to the internet as the sudden lightning that comes with the rain often create havoc to the connection.
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@cream97 (29087)
• United States
25 May 11
Hi. carrine. It is has been raining a whole lot lately here too, last month and this month. It is all because of the hot heat. It has been so hot today and I know that we are going to be getting some rain very soon. That is how that it is when we have very hot temperatures that we are enduring.
• Philippines
17 Feb 11
I also hate it when it rains and I'm outside. I don't wanna bring an umbrella so everytime it rains I get soaked and it's not a very good feeling. Another thing is when I get home, I'd have to take a bath.
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@sweet_pea (3322)
• Philippines
18 May 11
I used to love rain when I was a child because we can play in the rain. I remember those care free days when we play in the rain with my brothers. We usually play with paper ships and had them float in the drainage. Unfortunately, they all go down when the rain pours so hard. I was so happy when it rains so hard, classes had to be cancelled and I can just play all day at home. But now that I am older, things are different. Even though there is a storm, I still need to go to work. I sometimes get drenched and traffic is at its worst when rainy days come. I sometimes even get stranded for hours because there aren’t any rides because they are all stuck in traffic. Oh and there is usually flooding too. If there is any consolation, it would be the cool weather on a rainy day.
@didi13 (2926)
• Romania
18 Mar 11
I like the rain quite a lot .. I love the smell you give off the ground after rain, it smells like fertile land, the life of everyone's life ... rain purifies me, relaxes me, I sleep, I delight, and sometimes seems to me sad and I understand .. for each special about significant rain is .. for me it means a new opportunity to meet with me, my thoughts .. my soul, now lost .. I'm just a man in the crowd than it rains ... ..
@kun2349 (23381)
• Singapore
21 Feb 11
Rain rain, go away, come again another day! lol =D WHen the rains comes on the wrong day, just sing this song, and your wish shall be granted!! lol =D Actually i dun mind rainy weather, in fact i love rain.. haha =D COol weather aside, but it's also the best time for me to go jogging. Under the rain, it just makes me forget my fatigue, forget myself, yet able to concentrate more on my thoughts.. haha =D
@bounce58 (17387)
• Canada
19 Feb 11
I can't wait for the rains out here. I'm getting sick with all this winter weather. It is late Feb, and yesterday it snowed at noon. It seems too late for the season. I can't wait for the change in season. And the promise of spring. It also means that summer can't be far away. And all the activities and fun that come with it.
@yspmyl (3435)
• Malaysia
17 Feb 11
I like rainy day too especially when it is a non working day, I can sleep longer with the cold weather. . But recently there were heavy downpour that flooded many places in my country and it affected a few thousands peoples that have to evacuate to a safer place. So, I hope that there will not be a long life rain but just sufficient rain will be nice.