IQBux -- Scam or Typical Bus?

United States
February 28, 2011 2:50pm CST
I joined IQBux on 1/31/11; received a 30 day premium upgrade and was reasonably happy with this site until yesterday: when I tried to log in, I was told my account was suspended. Have no clue why I was suspended and have limited access to the site in order to find out. You have to log in in order to send a support ticket (unlike most PTC sites that allow support queries from non-members). Or you need to register -- but I couldn't reregister since I already have an account and TOS say I can only have one account. Catch 21. I did send a message via their Forum asking why I was suspended, but I don't expect an answer. The Forum is censored -- that means the admin only allows messages to be posted that they approve. I have submitted several queries to the Forum asking about procedures but never got an answer nor seen my queries in the Forum. My sense is that I was suspended because I asked to many embarassing questions and they decided I was just someone they didn't want to have to deal with. My last question was: Why have the withdrawals fees on cash outs increase from 10% to 90%? On the positive side, I did receive one cash out payment with a 10% withdrawl fee and have not invested anything in the site except my time and the cost of ads to bring in referrals. If you are a current member, please be careful about making investments. Let me know if they still have a 90% withdrawal fee on cashouts. If you've had better, worse or comparable experience with this site, please add your comments.
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• India
12 Mar 11
Hi swogden I know this is a big scam site. I just wonder how many 'BUX' SITES are there, i see tons of discussions on them, some get paid, some vanish, one that is loyal now, may vanish next moment. I am not member of any such, but my wife was there for few months.. Better to pass time here, payment is assured, and we share knowledge too. Thanks for sharing Cheers. BE HAPPY ALWAYS. Professor ‘Bhuwan’. .
@ekoytyas (4679)
• Indonesia
28 Feb 11
i guess that just me got that condition, i never cheat anything for that site but i don't know why my account was suspended, actually not only me i think most of ultimate was got suspended
@awapak (1275)
• Pakistan
28 Feb 11
No doubt it is a known big scam,which has already cheated including me.Its owners are all cheats.Never believe in them.You will lose your money and time.....