What can you do for five dollar

@jamed28 (1909)
April 5, 2011 11:23am CST
I'd stumbled this site Fiverr where members are offering to do task for $5.00. I was wondering what task can I do for $5.00, so I tried browsing other peoples offer to have some ideas on what task I can offer for $5.00 What about you guys? what can you offer to do for $5.00?
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@mysdianait (65052)
• Italy
5 Apr 11
I translate from Italian to English and English to italian on Fiverr. Well... I would if ever someone accepts the gig
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@NIECIE21 (365)
• United States
5 Apr 11
I have also seen this site. There are some pretty funny things on there that people are willing to do for $5. I have done a few before adnd did pretty well. A few of the things I have done was to take a photo of something that needed or liked, found music videos for a few and even told a few about new artists that they had never heard of and sent them a song or two from the artist .
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@Porcospino (30462)
• Denmark
5 Apr 11
I have seen the site and I have read about the things that people are willing to do for 5 dollars, but I didn't join the site myself. I could teach people how to cook uneatable food, but I guess that few people would be interested. That is too bad, because I am an expect No, seriously I could offer translations from English to Danish or from German to Danish or I could offer travel advice about Denmark. I could also write a poem or a slogan for 5 dollars.
@topffer (41775)
• France
5 Apr 11
Hello jamed, I have also visited Fiverr, and I have been fascinated by what people are able to do for $5. What can I do for $5 ? I can give you half of the glass of old Porto I am enjoying now. Or I can rent you 10 mn of my brain, certificated by Mensa to be among the 2% more efficient on this planet. Honestly, at your place, I would choose the Porto : it is delicious.
@insulin (2480)
• Philippines
5 Apr 11
I'm a member of fiverr for 4 months now and so far I earned overall 200 dollars something.I offer soundtrack making and transcription,before I offer animation however the time frame is a bit tough so I just stocked to the soundtrack making.I offer most for commercial use,the last time it was use in iphone application.The website is really awesome!It helps me a lot.