Can you wear a sterling silver chain and medallion in the shower. . .

@Suzieqmom (2757)
United States
May 8, 2011 8:20pm CST
or will it tarnish or otherwise gets damaged over time? I know you can wear gold jewelry without too much risk in the shower, or even in a pool, but I am not sure about silver. Does anyone know when/where/how often it is safe to wear silver?
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@naija4real (1291)
9 May 11
I am not a lover of jewelry product. However, as an educated person who studied chemistry at school. I know that metal object often get bad when they come in contact with water. So, I do not advise you to wear your jewelry to the shower since it will get corroded or bad. thanks
• Canada
9 May 11
I think it will gradually tarnish if you keep putting it in water, so I would recommend just taking it off when you shower and put it back on afterwards. This is what I do with an everyday necklace of mine. :)
@Aurone (4757)
• United States
9 May 11
I wear a silver pendant and chain almost every day. I sleep in it and shower in it. I haven't had too much problem with tarnish. After a great long while the chain tarnished (but can be remedied with a toothpaste cleaning) and the pendant has never tarnished. The most trouble I have with it is that my hair gets caught up in the chain.
@LaDeBoheme (2005)
• United States
9 May 11
I have sterling silver rings that have not been off for 10+ years (frankly, I can't get them off). Therefore, they obviously have been through the shower, pool, dirt, whatever else my hands have been in and they have not tarnished. Oxygen tarnishes silver, and I have noticed that any silver jewelry I take off will turn black. But apparently, the skin oils help keep a patina from forming on sterling silver. Since my fingers have not fallen off or developed any kind of gross disease, I'd vouch for it being safe to wear SS all the time.
@cgirl123 (264)
• Indonesia
9 May 11
Hi Suzieqmom..! :) I like silver jewelry and use it in everydays activity, i think sterling silver accesories is a bit different, i bought one last year. It seems to be more likely to become darker in colour, and need more attention in handling (based on my experience). I prefer silver jewelry which is coated with white gold. It looks more beautiful and shiny :) I suggest you to put your sterling silver chain and medallion off when you take a shower to keep the bright shine longer. I usually put it off when i go to sleep and take a bath, and after use it, wipe it with a smooth cloth, especially if you sweat on the chain. It is better if you got the liquid to make it shiny again, you can wipe the sterling silver with that liquid, just put a little liquid on the cloth. My friend who make the sterling silver accesories told me that.. :) Hope that can help.. have a shiny day! :)