Is reviewstream worth signing up with?

@oscar6 (1938)
United States
June 17, 2011 12:10am CST
I am thinking about signing up for this site but I was wondering if its worth it? Is it easy to make money with? What is the minimum amount you have to have in your account to cashout?
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14 Jul 11
I made a lot on RS (really liked the fast approvals and payments) but since the Panda effect, I haven't done much. I tried submitting a travel review but even that was rejected for the regular rate. So I don't think it makes sense for me to write for them as I have to pound 100 reviews to reach cashout. Before, the majority of my reviews got $ 2, then $ 2.50 with a handful of bulk rates. I have since long concentrated on other writing sites that pay a decent amount for articles.
• United States
27 Jun 11
It's extremely difficult to write a good review for them.
• Philippines
17 Jun 11
There is no harm in trying but if you consider this site, well its up to you as long as they pay their members. I have no problem with them paying members although what I dislike now is that it will be difficult for your review to be approved not on a regular rate but on a bulk rate which is just 30 cents, before it was 50 cents. The regular rate for an approved article was $1.50 before it was $2.50, the threshold was $30.00 before it was $50.00 but again as I have said, I discontinue my writings on that site, just for my own personal reasons and nothing against the site since they have been constantly paying members there.