can a girl's fifst night give two men ?

June 21, 2011 8:57am CST
can a girl's first night give two men ? how?
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• India
21 Jun 11
Hello welcome to mylot, do you mean first night? Normally a woman marry one man and in the honey moon night she sleeps with him only, if lady is polygamous, why two, she can have as many she likes. May i know why you want to know? Thanks for sharing God bless you, have a nice day ahead. Professor ‘@Bhuwan@’. .
• China
21 Jun 11
thank you ! i just want to know if a girl liov two men , how to do !
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• India
25 Jun 11
Have you ever done it? If so you tell.
@nvtellan (1907)
• Philippines
1 Jul 11
Are you referring to giving yourself to two men on the same night? Anyway, why would you want to share yourself with two men? Do you love them both? I think it would be unfair to that 2 men that they are sharing you. Usually, a man likes to have her girl for him alone. No man in his right thinking will share his girl to other men. You can befriend many men, but when it comes to intimacy, my suggestion is for you to focus on one only.