American debt crisis problem, if not solved, what will happen?

June 21, 2011 12:13pm CST
This period of time to watch the news and some material, found that the problem seems to the United States, and the deadly, a crisis if outbreak to strike the United States even better than any in history a financial crisis to the often violent, the United States, and now the domestic financial oligarchs jewish this school and native American forces this school for 2008 years after the financial crisis the United States gave the money to the jewish financial oligarchs, and little part of local forces to have occurred serious opposition. Lead to internal view about this problem to have the first polarization. To solve the problem of the difficulty has been increased very much. Watch a lot of news or not, the debt crisis of the reasons, process, especially the consequences will be what influence, have a basic idea and concept, hope to have master come in about it.Now only know the United States in the Middle East, from Egypt to everywhere of color, the purpose of the revolution started is a better control the Middle East, blocked the lifeline of China and the European Union and to maintain the hegemony in the Middle East to the oil for dollars.
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• India
25 Jun 11
Honestly speaking I have no idea, India too is sinking in debts.. Thanks for sharing in great details God bless you, have a nice day ahead. Professor ‘@Bhuwan@’. .
• China
25 Jun 11
Thank you for your participation! I think we have many ways to love our parents