How to love your parents

June 24, 2011 11:27pm CST
We were born from, parents with their wings and containing us, is our guardian angel, although sometimes tough, but parents grow up, can understand parents love us. Without their parents to our teaching, not the parents bundle, I think many people will become the sun, doing of the loafers.Say so many, I just want to express a meaning,you love their parents? You love their children? You love yourself? If you love, how to protect the people we love?
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• India
25 Jun 11
Hi my parents are no more, i had and have greaest regard for them, i love myself, my wife, my kids, grandkids all, that is life dear.. Thanks for sharing God bless you, have a nice day ahead. Professor ‘@Bhuwan@’. .
• China
25 Jun 11
I'm sorry, I give you reply, but I published in the wrong place
@nvtellan (1907)
• Philippines
1 Jul 11
We all have (or had) parents. Parents are human too. They make and made mistakes. Just like the rest of us. But one thing I know for sure is that they are doing the best the can be to raise us as better persons. So whatever shortcomings we are receiving from our parents, we should still be grateful and always think that they are human too and they are doing what they thing is right for us. Now for those parents that are just brutal to their children, that's another story.
@diaggg (9)
• Kenya
25 Jun 11
Am counting my lucky stars for having great parents,i cant possibly think of a reward i can give to my parents as a token of appreciation other than growing into what they want me to be.