ADHD in adults

@zenki08 (700)
June 28, 2011 12:32am CST
I dont know if this is the right place to post this discussion but here it goes. I've always wondered if ADHD is just isolated in children. Back in the days a lot of people were not aware of this kind of disorder. That is why I wonder if a person who has ADHD as a child could still have it as an adult here is what i found out. Attention deficit disorder is not a problem limited in children. If you were diagnosed with childhood ADD/ADHD, chances are, you’ve carried at least some of the symptoms into adulthood. But even if you were never diagnosed with ADD/ADHD as a child, that doesn’t mean you can’t be affected by it as an adult. So meaning to say there is a possibility that a lot of people may still have this kind of disorder. But I guess getting adults to be diagnosed will be hard now because some would find it hard to accept if they had this kind of disorder.
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@lazybug (273)
• Philippines
1 Jul 11
ADHD is the term use for adults and they can outgrew it however there are children whose ADHD progresses into their adult life which is called manic schizophrenia. And all persons who have mental disorders denies having one.
• United States
5 Jul 11
I studied psychology and had a schisophrenic aunt. These are two different conditions. Schizophrenia is a break from reality. ADD and ADHD are conditions where a person has trouble focusing on tasks and often moves from one task to another. The two conditions are not even close to being the same. Adults can and do get diagnosed with ADHD all the time. The treatment for ADHD is stimulant meds. For scizophrenia treatment is antipsychotic meds.
• United States
27 Oct 11
I have had ADHD since I was a child. Back in the 1980s though girls were not diagnosed with ADHD so I was not diagnosed until I was an adult. I learned to coped with my ADHD with caffeine. Caffeine calms my mind and allows me to focus better. that is how I managed to get through school and how I get through work now.
@dodo19 (46967)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
26 Sep 11
Adults can certainly have ADHD. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 12. I am an adult and I still have it. Not all adults may still have it, but I'm one of those who still do. It is certainly possible for an adult to have it. It's not only children.
@GemmaR (8517)
1 Jul 11
I think that people are wrong if they don't think that adults can have ADHD. Children with ADHD will become adults some day, and they will still have it. Just because you turn 18 doesn't mean that you grow out of it. Indeed, if you look at many people who are in the public eye, they show classic signs of ADHD and yet have never been diagnosed with it simply because they are adults. I think that the doctors who's job it is to diagnose need to properly think about how they do it, and start to offer help to adults rather than just children who present with the symptoms.
• United States
5 Jul 11
ADHD is not just in kids. It is a common myth that it can be outgrown. However,many adults have learned how to deal with it. Some have not. Have you ever noticed how some people constantly start new projects and do not finish the old ones. This is a sign of ADHD in adults. If you feel you or a loved one may have it, a doctor can test for it. It can be treated.
@alquizar (480)
• Philippines
6 Jul 11
I had a duty mate before who is like having an ADHD she is always active on everything that she do and sometimes doing things that would caught other people's attention.Which I don't think would be good for her Because she is a nurse and she should Act like one.Maybe She is like that because she is only the child that is why she is liked that.I think a lot of people had this kind of problem and it's really up to them to accept it or not.
@toniganzon (72317)
• Philippines
28 Jun 11
I have read in the health section of a newspaper about ADHD manifesting later in life. And yes it's true that not only children can have it but adults as well. I have not met anybody with ADHD and i'm hoping that i won't have that one. Anyway, i agree with you that it's more difficult to diagnose or even treat adults with ADHD as they are more likely to deny any medical help.