No wonder people rather choose to rent a house than buying one recently

United States
July 1, 2011 4:39am CST
Due to the great amount of expenses, no wonder many people rather choose to rent a house, with a single amount of fixed payment under the contract per month. Without the worries about the maintenance issue, and other miscellaneous payments within an year, such as termite inspection, property tax, property insurance, etc....... Those payments accumulated to a great amount of money, and when the problem came, you might have to pay extra from your pocket. Recently, I had this termite warning from the exterminator inspectors, and there will be extra charge for it. Keep on paying and paying, I just don't have that much money for afford it. So, do you think renting a house is a better option for now than actually owning one yourself?
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@asliah (11137)
• Philippines
1 Sep 11
hi, for me, i think its more nice and good when i have a house that i own,actually those taxes is not really big as long as that house is not a commercial,and the payment of it is yearly only,aside from that its so good to have own house because i can save money.
• Netherlands
12 Jul 11
I agree rent house will have no Problems of tax..blah blah bla.. but nowadays rents are also so high that I feel own house is far better. We have options of chosing our house design when we own a house
@stephcjh (38491)
• United States
1 Jul 11
Yeah. It used to be the American dream to own your own home. It is not very affordable anymore. Even if you get a low payment or interest rate, the utility bills will eat you alive and there is alot of maintenance and upkeep.
• United States
1 Jul 11
My husband and I own our house and when we weighed the differnce between owningand renting there was not much of a differnce at the time. We bought our house three years ago and are now stating to make improvements on it. The housing market is not that great for sellers, but for buyers it is great because prices are low. The great thing with buying house is that you are investing instead of paying rent and getting nothing out of it.
• Malaysia
5 Jul 11
I prefer to buy/own a house or an apartment rather than keep on renting. It is an asset and the value won't depreciate even the economy is not so good. Renting is not cheap either, therefore might as well get a loan from bank and buy a property that is within your own budget.