Saving energy

@leasmom (101)
July 28, 2011 5:40pm CST
It is importnt to save energy - both for your own purse and for the environment. The only question is: How to do it? What to do? Are you trying to save energy? How? I would be glad to read about your opinion, thanks.
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@alquizar (480)
• Philippines
29 Jul 11
Eventhough I am not paying for our electric bill,I am still concern in saving our electricity because In my own little way by turning off the electricity which is not in use can help us conserve more energy and it can be used for other important situation.
• Philippines
29 Jul 11
Yeah, we have to start saving energy to also save the environment. We always unplug appliances that we don't need here to save us the bills, too. We even unplug the refrigerator at night and traded our electric stove for a traditional one.
@dodo19 (46624)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
28 Jul 11
There are a lot ways that I use to try and save energy. I keep the lights turned off, in the rooms that no body's in. I try not to have more lights on that are really needed, either. I try not to do laundry more often that I really need to. These are just some things that I try to do.
@pacrptc (231)
• United States
28 Jul 11
well i used to strongly believe so but now i see that the world is not going to be around forever and neither are we... so we should live life to it's fullest and do what we can without stressing over everything else.