FOREX: how does forex trading help the world and its economy?

Sri Lanka
August 16, 2011 2:19pm CST
i've been feeling that what i'm doing as a forex trader is a waste to the world.. cause' all i'd do is earn some money and what do i give back? nothing.. how does a forex trader help the world? is he actually helping the world in a way or making his own money?
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@tonyxxx (693)
• India
17 Aug 11
In any form of trading we are not producing any thing but just buying from one and selling to another and taking our profit or loss as per the trade. Even in the stock trading there is no production but as it is rightly pointed in a response above that it helps in the movement of money, governments also earn money through taxes and to every trade there are many people linked who all earn through the trades you do.
• United States
16 Aug 11
Great question, though it may belong in another topic area. I think forex helps the international economy by allowing for quick trade between nations without relying on a single currency and it also helps balance things out by showing the relative demand and supply of commodities and currencies. It also appears to make a good parlor game for the rich and wannabe rich to have a 24 hour market for making more money.