Possibly OD'ing on Fruit

United States
August 26, 2011 11:48am CST
My husband works installing satellites. Sometimes people are so grateful for their tv service they tip my husband. Usually it is money. Sometimes it is food. Recently he has been tipped with home brew beer( surprisingly yummy!), and homemade beef jerky( also delscious and I am not ambiguity meat eater). Yesterday my husband came home lugging a huge watermelon! Every watermelon we have eaten this year has been less than fantastic. Was not expecting much out of this one. Boy, was I wrong! I don't know what the Hispanic man did to grow this tasty beauty but I want to know! I think, quite possibly, I am going to OD on watermelon because I have eaten so much this morning!
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30 Aug 11
no you cannot OD on fruit, HOWEVER, eating too much fruit can give you bad stomach pains.. and too much vitamin C can cause hives :)
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1 Sep 11
Who knew too much of a good thing could be bad! I don't have hives, so I guess I did not eat too much.
2 Sep 11
oh my sister is terrible, if she eats anymore than 3 or 4 oranges in a row, even wee ones, she gets covered in hives lol!
@bounce58 (17387)
• Canada
30 Aug 11
This post is 3 days old. So, I think by now, it is safe to say that the watermelon is all gone. And that whatever effects it had, has already been flushed away! But seriously, I haven't tasted any 'fantastic' melons here in north america either. As compared to the ones I've tasted in Asia. I haven't seen anything as red either. Where does this hispanic man live?!
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1 Sep 11
Yea, the melon did not last long! Lol. I remember when I was a kid, watermelons were always great! I think the seeds now are bad or something. My mom is a good gardner and her watermelons did not turn out tasting so good. That watermelon was excellent and the ones I have been getting were ok or had no taste. You better believe I saved every seed I could! I am going to see if they grow perfect watermelon next year!
@ladym33 (10979)
• United States
28 Aug 11
He probably got it to you just at the right time. I think watermelon is sweetest and tastiest after it has been rip for a little while. A freshly ripened watermelon is not going to taste as good because the sugars haven't broken down yet. So a watermelon that has more time being ripe and just before it get over ripe is usually amazingly delicious.
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29 Aug 11
Maybe that is why the melon was so good. Thanks for sharing, I am betting most people get too eager and pick watermelons before they are ready.