Which way did you make friends, because of money, love or match?

September 7, 2011 1:36am CST
The way you make friends, whether because of money, or love match? Well,. usually we will have lots of friends because we have a lot of money, all friends came over & familiar. There is also the goodness of our hearts, then it will be a lot of friends. & There because we feel fit & cool in the chat, then our friends will multiply. Well, what kind of people in terms of friends are you include ?
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@oindy54 (3445)
• India
9 Sep 11
I make friends easily with people who can socialize well with others and are not self-centered.Another thing I dislike is pride and arrogance.So if anyone is proud then he or she can never be my friend.I love to have fun with friends,spend time,chat,share each other's problems,look for solutions,support one another in tough times-all that defines friendship holds true for me.Therefore I hate backstabbers and gossip-mongers,hypocrites and back-biters.Otherwise I generally make friends with most people I encounter.Another thing I cannot tolerate is jealousy.This is one reason why I have discontinued my friendship with many people.In friendship we should appreciate each other and not be jealous of each other.
• Germany
9 Sep 11
Its not money, just mad friends make relationship because of money (sorry for that bad english)
@oindy54 (3445)
• India
11 Sep 11
I am sorry I did not understand what you are trying to convey.Please be more specific.What do you mean by "mad friends"?
@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
24 Sep 11
I do not know ... but I think for the money friend "was going to close this ... I think ... because if there was no money = crismast just quiet days, the rich collection of people ... who would not have invites. poor people can be friends .. if rare in today's ... (For Guys) I think ... if there was no money = in view of low ... although the invite did not feel happy / happy with them ...
@Porcospino (31366)
• Denmark
22 Sep 11
I met one of my closest frineds on a trip 13 years ago. We are both Danish, but we met in Italy. We became friends because got along very well and because we both like travelling. Two of my other close friends I met because we went to nursing school together. We started talking because we were in the same class and we discovered that we got along really well. Another friend I met because she was my neighbour and two of my friends and I found eachother. I make friends in many different ways, but I usually become friends with people who share some of my interests and never because of money.
@Dep1593 (73)
• Indonesia
18 Sep 11
I make friend with everyone, doesn't matter they rich, arrogant... as long we can understanding each other, we'll be good... ^_^
@kry893 (222)
• Canada
10 Sep 11
I don't like making friends with someone just because they're full of wealth. Some can be humble while some will use their wealth to show off, to be popular and to even buy friendship. I only like being friends with those who care for each other in the terms of friendship. I like that they're open, honest, share their thoughts and not betray another friend just because there is benefit for something else.
@anonima73 (153)
• Puerto Rico
22 Sep 11
Tough question. I become friends with people who insist on spending time with me and search for me. I am shy so speaking can be a problem at first but if you talk to me again and again and again and again and keep insisting to be with me even after I have totally sent you to hell in my random mood swings then you are my friend. Ironic but true. People that stop talking to me after just one fight don't fall into my friend category so yeah the more a person annoys me the higher the chances I'll start appreciating your company. I eventually just give up and go "Haa ok be my friend!!" I do find it odd how there are people that like to hang out with me but I've been told it's because I'm a good listener, accept and encourage others to be themselves around me and when I do gain the confidence to speak out I can be funny, caring and just simply different. At least that's what I'm told..
• Indonesia
7 Sep 11
Since everything except money, form, status and sara ....