Ice Age: funny or just for kids ?

September 9, 2011 4:10pm CST
Is Ice Age very funny for kids and adult or just childish ???
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@Mark72125 (135)
• United Arab Emirates
12 Aug 12
Personally , I love ice age.It is really nice and enjoyable.I think young or old anyone would enjoy it.Specially , the first ice age was great and funny and had a nice story and meaning to it.!
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@lady1993 (27225)
• Philippines
17 Oct 12
I think it is truly funny.. Since some jokes there are even hard for a kid to comprehend.. it is a movie for all ages indeed.
@tash01 (2030)
• Jamaica
19 Aug 12
Ice Age movie is for the entire family,for all ages .And this movie is fun,an entertaining i like it a lot. both adult and kids can watch this movie,no age limit.
@akash009 (452)
• India
23 Jul 12
hello, I think the Ice age series is one of the best cartoon series movie ever made. They are real funny. All the characters are very sweet and funny. I love them all. I dont think they are just childish. I have a lot of adult like these movies. They have some great messages in it too. Not only is it good for the kids but also for the adults. These are genuine family entertainer. If you want to get entertained, then you should watch these movies. All the four movies in the series are super funny and good.
@asheets88 (124)
• United States
18 Jul 12
Its a great movie! You would really enjoy it. I say its for everyone and not just for kids. And the interlude with the birds or the lampshades is just the cutest. deffniately give it a try.
• China
14 Sep 12
Ice Age brings us funny story, at the same time, it makes me think. After watching this movie, I know more how important my family is, and which is the best encouragement and hapiness that a union yield.
@Fishmomma (11377)
• United States
10 Sep 11
I think its great for any age. Its funny and wonderful for the entire family. This is one movie I have watched many times and might just watch it again tonight.
@zhawee (873)
• Philippines
26 Sep 11
I like this cartoon animation..its really I want and I like it very much ..specially the ice age that i really fun and makes me happy
@bachyyy (195)
• Bulgaria
30 Sep 11
People who haven`t watched the movies says that Ice age is only for kids.But every person,no matter id he is an adult or a kid can watch it if he wants to have some fun
• India
21 Sep 11
It's hilarious..I am 30 but I watch it again and again... there is no age limit for good entertainment.
@sanddo (111)
• Bulgaria
11 Dec 11
It is a movie for all ages. I have a cousin who is 4 years old and like this movie. My mother is 42 years old and like Ice Age, too. It is so funny, not about only for children.
@beenice2 (2967)
• Sackville, New Brunswick
31 Jan 12
If you say it is childish it is because it is for younger viewers than your age. I do believe it is for general viewers, I did actually like that movie and my kids loved it so for me, it is a good movie. It is funny a lot too. frankly if I don't think I will like a movie I wouldn't loose my time to look at it,if it would loose me time.
• Kenya
26 Feb 12
Ice Age definitely appeals to a large audience which encompasses adults. It all, you know, depends on taste. Some people just love animations, others love sci-fi and so on. So whether an animation is funny or simply just tells a fairy tale, any one who likes animations will watch the movie and credit it for it's good parts. So, no, Ice age is not childish.
@Reg1881 (92)
• Hungary
8 Jul 12
I was about 21 when the first Ice Age came out. I'm 30 now, but I still watch it. But not just this series. I watch every cartoon that interest me (series or movie) and I think I'm still going to watch cartoons when I'm grey and wrinkled. Hehe!
@peavey (16936)
• United States
9 Sep 11
I don't know... all I know is that I watched it and enjoyed it! I'm 66 years old, if that makes any difference.
@tiina05 (2317)
• Philippines
10 Sep 11
hello, I love watching cartoons even I am 20 years old. ha ha it is still funny and I love the concept of it. I know it is for kids but for me just I enjoy I dont care if it is for kids or what. ha ha. I think this can be recommend to all those adult to see how to be kids again.