Are you a prepper?

United States
September 13, 2011 11:32am CST
Being a prepper means being prepared for any kind of disaster be it a natural disaster ie storms, earthquakes and the like or a man made ie the collapse of our government, financial disasters and the like. I am by no means a doomsayer but just a cautious person by nature. I am by no means a gung ho prepper, yet. That being said I do have a stockpile of food and other necessities, I do try to be frugal with my money and do not keep it all in one account or one place. I do not own guns or other weapons (unless you count an over 100 pound Akita a weapon I do warn people who approach our door that we have a guard dog on premises our house was broken into once while we were home asleep and another time while we were not here so yeah we got the dog). I believe that in the state that our economy is in it is not just frugal and wise but necessary to be prepared. How do you feel? Are you a prepper?
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• Grand Junction, Colorado
13 Sep 11
I keep saying that I need to be better prepared and everytime I start my husband gives me a ridiculously hard time telling me I have a sickness. He wants to call it hording I think its just being smart about the future. With everything that goes in around us I feel something is going to happen and then it will be to late to prepare. I do have a barbecue that runs in propane and the charcoal kind to and have both on hand. I most definitely need more water, can goods, and toiletry items. If I could put them somewhere where he wouldn't see them it could work but there isn't anywhere to hide stuff. If something were to happen I can tell you that 2 of my neighbors would be a problem, they are always out of everything and over borrowing something. Must get better prepared. Making a list of things to work on.
@celticeagle (124708)
• Boise, Idaho
14 Sep 11
I am not what you would call a 'prepper' but I do have things on hand. We have a cupboard full of canned foods and I always have beans and rice and potatoes on hand to eat. At the end of the month these things really come in handy. With potatoes you can fix big thick sliced fries, potato soup, potato salad or hash browns. I am a true Idaho Spud!
@ebuscat (5940)
• Philippines
14 Sep 11
For me yes it is needed because in this time we don't know what was happened us in the future if you get more good to it keep up the good work ever.