What do you enjoy in facebook?

September 15, 2011 11:50am CST
Facebook is a very popular social network all over the world. It helps you to connect with the people you love, get to know other people with different cultures, and communicate with your local friends. I enjoyed posting pictures, tag photos, post a comment and chat with friends. How about you? what do you like about facebook? Do you enjoy. . . .
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@nobbsy123 (851)
• Australia
16 Sep 11
Im only a member of facebook to really keep in touch with friends and family and to play games. I find myself playing games more often then keeping in touch with my family. I find the games quite enjoyable.
@celticeagle (124528)
• Boise, Idaho
15 Sep 11
I really enjoy Facebook. Originally I thought it was just a site for young people cause my granddaughter kept trying to get me to join. Finally I did and was happy to find a couple of old friends on it. I also play several games and enjoy it alot. It is where I go to take my breaks.
@Zamara69 (130)
• United States
15 Sep 11
I like facebook because you can find people that you have lost in touch with from high school. Meet different kinds of people from all over the world and learn something new everyday. It seems like even if you've never met that friend in person you can still know them by their profile, games they play and things they post..it tells so much about who they are..
@tash01 (2031)
• Jamaica
15 Sep 11
I enjoy Facebook a lot, other from the games that i play it keeps me connecting with my friends and friends aboard. Facebook is a social network, that is entertaining and i enjoy playing farmville their. I have fine a few of my friend , that i haven't seen from primary school so i communicate with them through Facebook. It's so very popular and almost every one is on Facebook now a days,because it's entertaining and easy to communicate with family and friends.
• Hong Kong
15 Sep 11
In addition to what you have mentioned above(I also enjoy doing the same!), I enjoy joining the groups and pages on facebook concerning different current social and political issues. It offers me a great chance to express my views, share my opinion with people who may have completely opposite stance. The feeling is really good when I am successful to convince somebody to change their stance and be on the same side with me. People here also start propaganda or call on demonstration in response to controversial issues in the society through facebook event (although I did not join), it is very easy to gather people through facebook. Another very interesting thing about facebook here is that sometimes in response to the ending of a TV drama, when people here dislike the ending, they will create facebook group to complain and give pressure to the producer so as to force him to broadcast another ending(just for your reference, the tv producer here usually have recorded two endings, one is a happy ending, and one is a sad ending). It has so much fun during the process like when I look at the poster edited by others, they do a lot of graffiti on the face of the characters. We all look forward to participating in this kind of activity haha!
@yskaps (233)
• India
15 Sep 11
it helps to keep relationships.v can find our old friends ..and it's simply user than orkut..after sign up on fb,i completely abondened to use orkut